Non-Binary Doll!

New addition to the gang! Non-Binary doll 🙂 Off to their new home now so I had to get a quick picture before they left.

I would love to know what people want, or what they would want to see more of. I currently have a few ideas for things I would want to make, but they are all ideas and concepts, so I need more inspiration right now to conjure up the actual design!

So here they are… A quick and simple post with cute pictures below.

And the last photo has to be my typical hand holding against a white background…

Coffee Cat Pattern!


I’ve been wanting to make this pattern for literally YEARS! Since I made my very first Coffee Cat I regretted not writing the pattern, and so ever since then I’ve tried to recreate my original pattern.

I think I’ve finally succeed! And the pattern is available in my shop. The link is below:


What’s better than cats and coffee combined?! I can’t think of anything!

This little one is completely inseparable with this nice mug of coffee. Everyone needs their caffeine fix, and having a cute little friend to enjoy a drink with you is perfect!


The view from the back… I am really happy with this, and I hope you all enjoy it too! Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas of what else I should make just say!


Ami Cat Travels

For some reason I decided to have all my holidays back-to-back.


First I went to Vegas for Clexacon 2018. Yes.. all the way to America for the gay. It was my first con and I was going alone and I was so nervous. Luckily I shared a room with a girl from Australia and spent my evenings with her. In our spare time we went to the Strip, visited the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon which was absolutely incredible! At the con I was able to see GirlShipTV, Stephanie Beatriz and so many more incredible queer women talk about the importance of representation. They said that more is needed, and if you can’t see yourself being represented in the media then you should be the one to make the difference and be that person for everyone else. It was so inspiring. When I got home I was so determined to create, and write a story that was personal to me and has a serious lack of representation, yet work happened. I had to study for work exams, and then after my exams I had all my do-to list to complete that I had neglected due to revision. My motivation drifted as I stopped reading fiction books, and my attentions turned back to crochet.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE crochet. It’s just the fact that it’s difficult to balance my few hours after work either focusing on writing or crochet. To get back into writing I need to read more fiction books, and at the moment I have a stack of non-fiction books on my bedside table I have started and not yet finished. In a few months I will have to get back to revising again for my official work exams. These are all excuses, or hurdles, I know. If i’m determined enough I will find a way. I love writing and I get so motivated to write when I read fiction, I just need to get myself back into a schedule where I have the time to do this.

When I got back I wanted to make a little something to take with me on my next travels. I was a little bit annoyed that I hadn’t made something before Vegas. Having a little one of my ami’s would have been amazing with the Grand Canyon as a backdrop! But it wasn’t meant to be. Between that trip and my next, I got this little one ready….


I wanted something simple and small. This little cat is one of my old designs. Originally I made the pouch for people to put messages inside, such as ‘GOOD LUCK!’ or ‘I LOVE YOU’. In this case, I gave them a little passport! They’re carrying a shoulder bag for all their travel essentials, and the long tail gave a great stand for when I wanted to take a picture with nothing to lean them against. I really liked the simply design. So I got to take them along for my next trip.


Prague was the shortest of my trips. At this stage I had passed my work exams and was able to celebrate by having a few days off and exploring a different country. We went to Charles Bridge and walked around, visited a few museums, went on a tour, went on a boat cruise, spent a few hours paddle boating, saw some unusual art, had drinks on a rooftop bar and watched the sun set and on the day when it rained took part in an Escape Room which I hadn’t done before. Ami Cat is on Charles Bridge with some stunning views behind. The paddle boating was one of my favourite parts of the trip, althoug I admit it was very touristy which I usually try to avoid.


When I arrived back from Prague I was immediately booking accomodation and getting ready for the next trip…



Ami Cat pictured at the Round Tower with incredible views behind!

We spent a week in Denmark and it was such a nice break, although by then I had only been back at work for a few weeks, but still, a break is always needed from work. Some things that happened that week:

Visited Tivoli, went to some castles, walked around the Botanical Garden, Cycled to the beach, saw the Little Mermaid statue, took a trip to Malmo in Sweden, went to The Jane which was a nice Mad Men style bar, went paddle boating (i’m really getting into the paddle boat thing…), visited Freetown Christiania and enjoyed walking down streets and alleyways taking in the sights of a different country.

I’m so in love with the feeling of being somewhere new and having the opportunity to explore and take in the different sights and culture. I’m so thankful and lucky that I’ve had these experiences.


The weather wasn’t great for this Sweden day trip, but it was still pretty to see! Behind Ami Cat (I really need to come up with a better name) is the Turning Torso building. It’s crazy how cheap this trip cost, and it only took 40 minutes and you were in a different country! Mental note to come back to Sweden, maybe next time see the North.

After that trip I came back home. I have no more trips now until December. For now I decided I would spend some time appreciating what was outside my front door. Or outside my area, since there’s a lot of cigarettes outside my door and it’s not very photo worthy.


It was a nice day and Beachy Head was in the distance! This was a picture I could take that involved less jet lag, and a lot less money. The last few months I’ve been so focused about exploring other countries and I’ve realised now I should spend time exploring what’s closer to home. I’ve moved to a new area and I should be taking the time to get to know it! So maybe this is what i’ll be doing in some of my spare weekends. I already have a list of things to see.

I’m still planning to travel, just once I fill my purse back up again. I’m just going to familiarise myself with the country that I actually live in first!


So I’m back! I’ve had a great few months, and now I’m back with that familiar feeling of wanting to create something but not knowing what. It’s so frustrating but I have some goals that I want to complete for this year. I know what I need to do to get my creativity back. I have future exams to start revising for. I have future trips to plan for. I’m trying not to let my quarter life crisis fill me with fear so just trying to take this adulthood and life thing day by day.


A little change… Mandrake Root

Just a quick little post. I thought I’d try something a little different. I brought a pattern by Mr Fox on Etsy for a Mandrake Root. I found the pattern a bit hard in parts but overall I love him! I also loved taking photos of him, I think he’s pretty photogenic.

Nothing more too add at the moment. I’m currently busy with work, working on custom and made to orders, and will hopefully be back to planning and making my own patterns again soon.


Casually hanging out…


The pot may be a little too big but plenty of room for him to grow into!


My First Felt Plushie!

As the title says… yesterday I made my first felt plushie!

Plushie’s are something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make but never felt I could. I’ve always hated sewing, and sewing has always hated me. I’ve tried a few times but have given up fairly quickly due to the impossibility of it all.

However, recently I’ve been addicted to scrolling through Plushies on Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and pretty much all kinds of social media seeing what incredible crafters have made. It seems so hard with all the different shapes and pieces that need to be sewn together to make them 3D. I always have a tendency to jump too far ahead of myself. This time I started off with the basics, buying some felt, thread and a little sewing needle.

I’m pretty proud of this being a first attempt…


I love it! I originally tried to get the sewing machine to work because, like I said, I hate sewing. Nevertheless I’m clearly not good at setting up machinery either. I managed to get it working for five seconds and then it just stopped. So I had to hand stitch, and I think it went quite well! I made sure to use lots of small stitches close together and it seemed to work. As a beginner to sewing and felt plushies, this is a very basic design, but already I’m feeling so inspired to make more and develop on this design.


This little creature has given me a lot to think about. Surprisingly this has made my idea of what I want to do in the future seem a lot clearer too. I love crafts and creating things. I want to make a difference, and I have so many ideas on how to make a difference with my creations. I still have a lot to improve upon. As you’ve seen by my recent creations I’m still having trouble with embroidery and getting my thoughts down onto yarn, and now onto felt. There’s so many designs in my head and now I’m finding a new medium to try new ideas and see what works best.

Downside is my wrists are killing me! This surely isn’t good. Crochet and needle work isn’t good for the wrists and fingers, especially with repeated use. Maybe I should be focusing on one at a time, but with the amount of ideas in my head it is so frustrating not being able to have the time to make them. I have a whiteboard full of crochet ideas, the last time I checked there were about thirty future projects I need to make! Some I have absolutely no idea how to make them. As an inpatient girl in her mid-twenties it’s so annoying when you feel like time is running out to make something of yourself.

Calm down… It will be okay. One step at a time, right? So back to being happy and proud of my first plushie attempt. May there be more in the future, and with more of a message to send across 🙂


Keep Going Bear

Adding to the mental health theme, I wanted a bear that gave hope and love to others. This particular project is proving challenging. Is it better to embroider the words straight onto the wool? Is it better to embroider onto felt and then attach this to the body?

There’s been a lot of ideas but I’m still attempting different styles. For now though, this simple little bear is enough. He’s small enough not to take up too much room, but he’s big enough to make a difference.

Sometimes life is hard and we just need to know that it will get better, and that we need to keep going. A bear isn’t going to change that, I know, but maybe it will make a bad situation slightly more bearable. Even the slightest difference can mean a lot.

This little bear is available in my shop.

If you have any thoughts or ideas I would love to hear them!


LGBT New Additions

I would love to stock up my shop with all different variations of LGBT++ Superheros but I have too many new ideas on things to make and I would never be able to make them all. However, I am extremely glad for people who purchase Made to Order items from my shop. I love making these and I take pride in making them to the best of my ability. I’d like to think they keep getting better.

I won’t write any more in this post, I will let the photos do the talking…


Non-Binary Superhero / New Addition!

New addition to the gang! Custom Order for a non-binary superhero, and I loved making him. Comes with a little red cape, because every superhero needs a cape, right? These little are guys are really fun to make and I love the thought of people having these to reflect their identity and strength.

The Superheroes were first made for friends and myself, and I have other varieties of LGBT dolls, such as cats and little creatures in hats (I need a more creative name for those ones…). When I first started crochet all I wanted was to make a cute doll that reflected who I was, and I still have my little cat with a rainbow jumper and a red bow on her head sitting on my bedside table. I really love it and that’s why I continue to make these, so that others can enjoy them too.

Non Binary

Joining the rest of the gang. There have been other custom requests such as a transgender superhero and an asexual teddy bear (see the Sold section in my Etsy shop). 10

And these little guys look like members of a boyband. I made these two years ago, and I need to make these again. It’s crazy seeing how my crochet style has changed even using the same patterns and same sized wool.


The year is ending and I have reached my goals for my shop, to reach 50 sales. It may seem like a small amount, but this year has been crazy. I have spent this year searching for a full time and future-oriented job, trying to get through interviews and subsequent rejections, having a crisis because I don’t know what I want to do with my life, having RSI due to crochet and subsequent pain in my wrists whenever I crochet (which is the main part that hinders my productivity), moving to a different part of the country for a new job and starting a trainee position which involves numerous exams in a subject I struggle with. My year has had its ups and downs. I now have my own flat by the sea and a professional job. I have my struggles, and it’s hard at times to move forwards, but I honestly think that my crochet projects and my shop have kept me going, at least a little bit. I like making new projects and I love receiving reviews from happy customers. I have so many more ideas and would love to expand my shop, but crochet is a time consuming hobby considering how much I charge for my items.

I have other creative hobbies which I would love to pursue, so maybe that’s something I will be thinking about over Christmas for new 2018 goals. Let’s see.

Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor!

Ever since I saw the Doctor’s new outfit I’ve been dying to make her! I love the look and the vibe of this new Doctor. Change is always good and I’m all for female lead characters with fleshed out personalities and opportunities to develop. I couldn’t wait to make her jumper, her jacket and most of all, her braces. Here is my amigurumi doll of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor:


Based on the promotional photo:


Another photo of the doll. I couldn’t do all of the stripes on her jumper. It would make her body too long so I stuck to yellow and orangey-red. I have included her blue socks underneath her boots, and her trousers are crocheted over her jumper so that I could attach her braces.

(Don’t worry, I’m asking for a lightbox for Christmas! Also my New Years goal will be to get better at photography).


The hair was a challenge! I usually create characters with ponytails so I can tie the hair up at the back. I have crocheted hair underneath, but the basin bowl cut on her forehead didn’t look right. I added more hair for her on top, making the crochet hair a hair cap instead, and glued the top strands down in place. I’m happy with the outcome!


So, what do you think? I’m really happy with her, and she’s currently sitting on my fireplace waiting for her time to shine underneath the stars and planets! She might need a friend by her side, so stay tuned 😉

Merlin BBC Amigurumi

A little break from pirates! I never really watched Merlin, but i see gifs/pics/posts everywhere and i love his look 🙂 I also love Colin Morgan a lot, so i had to make him…

His tunic goes over his trousers and his belt is super cute and fits perfectly around his waist. His jacket sleeves are always too small so i loved making his little blue shirt peak out underneath!

I also had to give him a little fringe too.


Should his hair be smaller? I’m still debating this, again i hate the thought of cutting off too much, but the good thing about it is that you can slowly cut off the ends to get it how you want it 🙂

Merlin 2