Note Pouch Ami’s

This year I’ve really been thinking about development and making things. Any things! Whether it’s writing my novel (which sadly I think will be put on hold with all my current crochet ideas), clay making (a lot more challenging than I expected), making felt plushies (why is sewing so hard?!) or crochet. I was to make something original and worthwhile.

I’ve been thinking a lot about mental health recently. Sometimes people tend to go through touch times and being open and talking about it can be tough. That’s one of the ways I started thinking about these Note Pouch Dolls. What better way to have a message from a loved one when it’s being protected by a cute little creature. The message is in their pouch, safe and close to their heart, and the recipient will be able to read the message as many times as they want. It will always be there.

So this led to the creation of Note Pouch Ami’s. Obviously these aren’t just for the tough times. They can also be used to pass messages along through friends, couples, family, colleagues, anyone!

The gang invloves a bear, cat and dog wearing cute and cosy jumpers.



Just one of the many examples of notes you can send to that particular someone. Don’t worry, this message won’t leave their pouch! Each ami is fiercely loyal and protective. Faithful too 🙂



The side of the Cat Pouch Ami. The tail actually does an excellent job of holding him up: IMG_0535

These ideas have only given me more ideas to tackle. There is one particular project which appeared in my mind alongside these little creatures, but that idea is seemingly harder to create. It’s… wait, it’s February now. Okay, so it’s still early on in the year. A lot of months to keep on working on my projects 🙂

One last thing…

I have also created a Pattern for this. My first published pattern! I’m very happy and excited to finally have a pattern in my store. My shop is


Do you like them? Any advice or things you would like to see? I’d love feedback!

Goodbye Friend!

This week I have sold one of my favourite amigurumis. Black Soul Doll, made because even tough guys still need love. He wears black and grey strips and holds the red heart close to his chest. The heart is a gift for the person he loves and cares for, and he doesn’t just give it to anyone. You’re a very special person if this little guy is giving you his heart.

This doll has given me so many new ideas, so I’m very happy to have made him and especially happy that he is going to share his love in a new house. I really hope his new owners love him as much as I do, so goodbye little guy.