Daschund Amigurumi!

Im really happy with my pattern to make a daschund, and I love dogs in general so I’m hoping to make a lot more. The dog is quite small, easy enough to fit on your desk and not be a bother.

Short story behind making this: I am obsessed with sausage dogs, but not allowed one. So… I made my own!

My first time using a plastic nose, and I’m very impressed! Will certainly be buying more in the future.


My favourite part is his body and the way it increases in size. Maybe in future I would make the body longer, but right now I think it works well and is proportional with the head. 

Available on Etsy. Before I add more members to his gang I’ve been requested to make a bigger Daschund. I’m not sure how to make them bigger following this pattern, do I double everything? So I’ll either edit this pattern or start from scratch. 

Lastly, I love seeing my work in searches, especially near the top!