Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!

Inspired by ‘Once Upon A Time in Crochet’, I have made Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf! She carries a little basket with her and looks very cute with a little flower on her cap! She has a red cape to keep her warm, along with big black boots fit for walking! The wolf looks smart with his red handkerchief. He’s trying to be on his best behaviour, but he can’t be taimed… 



Goodbye Friend!

This week I have sold one of my favourite amigurumis. Black Soul Doll, made because even tough guys still need love. He wears black and grey strips and holds the red heart close to his chest. The heart is a gift for the person he loves and cares for, and he doesn’t just give it to anyone. You’re a very special person if this little guy is giving you his heart.

This doll has given me so many new ideas, so I’m very happy to have made him and especially happy that he is going to share his love in a new house. I really hope his new owners love him as much as I do, so goodbye little guy.


Little Break!

I apologise for the lack of posts lately! I went on holiday to Amsterdam with my friend last week, and next week i am going to Germany and Austria, so i haven’t spent much time with my crochet. However i’ve recently had a sale, and i’ve recieved a great review which has made my day!


I’m so happy people like my amigurumi and i love that my stuffed animals/dolls can find their way to new homes 🙂

I’m currently working on another Captain America, so that should be finished before i go to Germany. Also i will be back with more updates and more amigurumi, i’m just taking two weeks off so i’m still here!

LGBT Keyring – Ready for Pride!

Today I booked my train tickets for Brighton Pride! I’m really excited, but as I’m not flamboyant or brave enough to dress bold or colourful, I thought I’d settle for something smaller.

I used a smaller hook than normal and played around a little with the pattern. Miss Pride could act as a keyring, but I like her as a handbag accessory. 

Today I’ve ordered some keychains so I will soon be able to make good quality keyrings. At the moment I’ve used this chain from a handbag, so future creations will have better quality ones. 

The wool is so soft and light, I love it! The colours are amazing too, I finished this rather late and so took a photo as soon as I could. In the light she is so much more impressive! 

Will attach this to my handbag tomorrow and see how it looks! It’s small, but I hope it gets noticed at Pride. She’s too cute not to!

LGBT Superhero Amigurumi

Pride is an important event, because it’s about standing up for your identity and celebrating that with the world and the rest of your community. That’s why I like superheroes, because they are fearless and strong, they stand up for what they believe in and embrace their identity.

So, because of that, I have made LGBT superheroes. They’re very colourful and cute, and I loved making them! 

Introducing more members to the gang…

Bisexual, LGBT, Pansexual and Asexual. I love them all together! And if anyone on Etsy has a request then of course I will add other sexualities to the group. 

Each superhero comes with a mask, boots, undergarments and gloves. My favourite part is their red cape that hides in the back!

I’m really proud of these little guys and hope you like them too. Please tell me what you think!

Daschund Amigurumi!

Im really happy with my pattern to make a daschund, and I love dogs in general so I’m hoping to make a lot more. The dog is quite small, easy enough to fit on your desk and not be a bother.

Short story behind making this: I am obsessed with sausage dogs, but not allowed one. So… I made my own!

My first time using a plastic nose, and I’m very impressed! Will certainly be buying more in the future.


My favourite part is his body and the way it increases in size. Maybe in future I would make the body longer, but right now I think it works well and is proportional with the head. 

Available on Etsy. Before I add more members to his gang I’ve been requested to make a bigger Daschund. I’m not sure how to make them bigger following this pattern, do I double everything? So I’ll either edit this pattern or start from scratch. 

Lastly, I love seeing my work in searches, especially near the top!