2018: Well my previous ‘About Me’ section was embarrassing, right? I’ve kept it here because 2015 was around the time when I opened my Etsy shop and was just getting started with crochet. It’s now 2018 and I’m still just as in love and just as addicted to crochet as I was back then. Nothing really has changed, I still crochet LGBT superheroes and my coffee cat ami’s are one of my favourite designs to this day. My dream is to make this a career, but honestly, is that an unrealistic dream? I think so, but for now at least i’m still in the learning stages. I’m concentrating on making new and original designs and this is the year where I start to work on patterns. Let’s see how this goes then….

PS. I still love Mark Kermode and Charlie Brooker. And chicken nuggets. And pasta. In fact all of that is still true.


2015: Hi, my name is Sarah and since the summer of 2014 I have been addicted to crochet, or more specifically, amigurumi. I saw a granny blanket on Instagram and that was the start of that. When I was making my first few toys I wanted to add character to them, or a sense of identity so that they reflected who I was. This then evolved into other ideas, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to share them with you!

Other information: I’m a book and film nerd, Charlie Brooker and Mark Kermode are my two favourite people. I’m a dog (and animal) lover, and chicken nugget and pasta enthusiast. My dream is to travel the world and have an American road trip with friends. Another dream is to make a difference, and whether that’s through writing, amigurumi or some other way, I just want to affect others in a positive way.

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