Non-Binary Superhero / New Addition!

New addition to the gang! Custom Order for a non-binary superhero, and I loved making him. Comes with a little red cape, because every superhero needs a cape, right? These little are guys are really fun to make and I love the thought of people having these to reflect their identity and strength.

The Superheroes were first made for friends and myself, and I have other varieties of LGBT dolls, such as cats and little creatures in hats (I need a more creative name for those ones…). When I first started crochet all I wanted was to make a cute doll that reflected who I was, and I still have my little cat with a rainbow jumper and a red bow on her head sitting on my bedside table. I really love it and that’s why I continue to make these, so that others can enjoy them too.

Non Binary

Joining the rest of the gang. There have been other custom requests such as a transgender superhero and an asexual teddy bear (see the Sold section in my Etsy shop). 10

And these little guys look like members of a boyband. I made these two years ago, and I need to make these again. It’s crazy seeing how my crochet style has changed even using the same patterns and same sized wool.


The year is ending and I have reached my goals for my shop, to reach 50 sales. It may seem like a small amount, but this year has been crazy. I have spent this year searching for a full time and future-oriented job, trying to get through interviews and subsequent rejections, having a crisis because I don’t know what I want to do with my life, having RSI due to crochet and subsequent pain in my wrists whenever I crochet (which is the main part that hinders my productivity), moving to a different part of the country for a new job and starting a trainee position which involves numerous exams in a subject I struggle with. My year has had its ups and downs. I now have my own flat by the sea and a professional job. I have my struggles, and it’s hard at times to move forwards, but I honestly think that my crochet projects and my shop have kept me going, at least a little bit. I like making new projects and I love receiving reviews from happy customers. I have so many more ideas and would love to expand my shop, but crochet is a time consuming hobby considering how much I charge for my items.

I have other creative hobbies which I would love to pursue, so maybe that’s something I will be thinking about over Christmas for new 2018 goals. Let’s see.

Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor!

Ever since I saw the Doctor’s new outfit I’ve been dying to make her! I love the look and the vibe of this new Doctor. Change is always good and I’m all for female lead characters with fleshed out personalities and opportunities to develop. I couldn’t wait to make her jumper, her jacket and most of all, her braces. Here is my amigurumi doll of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor:


Based on the promotional photo:


Another photo of the doll. I couldn’t do all of the stripes on her jumper. It would make her body too long so I stuck to yellow and orangey-red. I have included her blue socks underneath her boots, and her trousers are crocheted over her jumper so that I could attach her braces.

(Don’t worry, I’m asking for a lightbox for Christmas! Also my New Years goal will be to get better at photography).


The hair was a challenge! I usually create characters with ponytails so I can tie the hair up at the back. I have crocheted hair underneath, but the basin bowl cut on her forehead didn’t look right. I added more hair for her on top, making the crochet hair a hair cap instead, and glued the top strands down in place. I’m happy with the outcome!


So, what do you think? I’m really happy with her, and she’s currently sitting on my fireplace waiting for her time to shine underneath the stars and planets! She might need a friend by her side, so stay tuned 😉