Superhero Amigurumi!

When I first started making amigurumi I wanted to reflect who I was in the creations I made. I love the superhero pattern because superheroes are strong, courageous and want to make the world a better place. I couldn’t think of a better person/animal to place the Pride flags on.. (Although cats would have been good!)

My space to create! Well… Amigurumi is a fairly flexible craft, so I tend to watch shows in my bed or on the couch… But I like having a craft table regardless.

I love the little boots! And I love working from the feet up to the body rather than vice versa. 

 Changing colours is fun 🙂 My favourite part is the body, different colours for different flags. And the finishing piece looks a little like…

Little Pride Superhero! Cute little ears, mask and Cape. I loved making him and know that he’s ready to dance and take on the world, fighting crime and spreading love.

I have (and am currently working on) different flags, such as bisexual, pan sexual and asexual. I love seeing them all together as a family! Future post on that coming soon! 


5 thoughts on “Superhero Amigurumi!”

  1. Amigurumi, it’s so much fun. I love the little creations that can be turned out. I’m looking forward to seeing more of yours! 😃


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